I Will Never Take Another Vacation

Every Day Life Infused With Holiday Spirit

beach blur car colors

When I left the coffee shop after my writing session last night to walk back to my hotel room I realized that I will never need to take another vacation. My every-day life has been infused with holiday spirit, making it unnecessary to set aside escape, relaxation or carefree enjoyment time. Of course my recent lifestyle changes have much to do with my angle; but they are just the evidence of a mindset gear shift to “blaze your own trail”. It was 11 o’clock on a week night and I was taking a hesitant, relaxed stroll through the Doha streets back to my room. I wasn’t thinking about being in bed early to wake up and get to work; although I did get up at  5 a.m and go to work. Instead, I’d been in the coffee shop considering staying until the last barista started to dislike me for staying right up to midnight then driving to the Corniche. There I would spend the night taking photos of the skyline. I decided against it only because I had been words away from napping on my keyboard. In those moments walking back to my room I celebrated the realisation that my life has become so satisfying that I want to stay awake through the night to get more out of it. Like children, who fight it because they are so in love with life, I saw that sleep can be an unwelcome interruption to the wonder of being alive.

Effervescent with Inspiration

As I strolled, I observed myself pondering what was going on inside the assortment of businesses, flats and hotels that make up the Najma area of Doha. Curious and full of

najma Map
Najma has some of the older buildings in Doha mixed with Modern Hotels, banks and businesses

wonder, I felt truly alive. I felt optimistic, carefree and effervescent with inspiration. I was grateful for wisdom, courage, curiosity, freedom and the peace that comes from doing life my own way. I resolved that I could wander the world for an eternity of days and nights taking mental or digital photos, writing an endless torrent of words and still fail to capture the splendor of life. I experienced the true happiness of falling asleep in a perfect freeze frame of the human experience. Truly satisfied with the way I’d spent my day, my only care as I closed my eyes came from the realisation that I have to replace my flighty, floral drawstring backpack. I need something more nomad friendly so that I can take more walks with the only items of value I own; my laptop, camera and notebooks.


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