Less Laundry=More Living

Washing clothes, doing dishes, wiping counters, scrubbing floors, disinfecting everything to keep the family “healthy”. Keep the place clean enough for the visitors we won’t want because they’ll make a mess and leave us with more cleaning. I’ve passed on that ridiculousness. I’ve also passed on worrying about what the kids will spill on the sofa; we can eat off the plastic bag the food came in or take this messy meal for a picnic in the park or on the beach. I’ve skipped preparing healthy meals in glass containers because plastic causes cancer. Instead I’m going for the bag full of fruit, nuts, bread you can tear with your hands and water. Then listen to your body for your individual nutritional needs and let me know what else you want. That’s my simple approach to eating. Chores are on a needs only basis. I’ll just do the necessary to allow life to continue and not to prove anything to anyone. If I don’t want to clean it  and my teenage daughter wants to use it but not help me maintain it, I’ll get rid of it!  Problem solved, no “responsibility” arguments required so we can just have a chat about dating, relationships, coping with life instead. A crushed T-shirt or the same trousers two days in a row never hurt any seven year old, little boy’s soul so get them on and let’s go to the skatepark so you can show me what you’ve got better at this week; outside of school where the real learning happens. 

I have and continue to love many parts of motherhood but I have always hated the endless housework and the stream of ads for products aimed at making us think we’re just not clean, tidy, organised, floral scented enough yet. One of the advantages of minimising and embracing a nomadic approach to life is seeing laundry and all other housework go back into their rightful place. Having less clothes means even if you wear everything, there will only ever be a couple of loads and it’s done. Washing days become hours when you use the 30 minute cycle!  The purpose of clothes is to cover you so you can get out there and live. And maybe pop a little style doing it! But nothing more. Other housework is off my to-do list too. What gets done is what needs to be done; for hygiene, holistic health and happiness. Tai Chi instead of making carefully planned packed lunches? Yes please! Less cooking and more eating fresh food since it’s already healthy? Done! Enjoy a baseball morning with my son because there’s no housework more important than that time? Heck yeah! Wake up early to go to the beach instead of mopping the floor? Yalla! Let’s Go!


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