One of the hidden gems of nomadic living is you never know where you will end up next. Each new location and chance you take risk brings something unexpected. The beauty of unpredictable living is that you never get bored. Sometimes the new is a challenge like losing you passport and your ATM card in one week and having been on the move so much you’re not really sure if you lost them or they were stolen. This was my unexpected challenge for this week. After 7 years in Doha I finally learned where the British Embassy is. I also know that if you lose your passport here as a Brit, you can just fax and LS01 Form over to the Embassy and they’ll cancel the passport for you. No visit necessary, no sweat. Thank you Britain for streamlined, friendly services and efficiency.

My experience losing my passport and cash card this week also reminded me of something I knew but that I lose sight of from time to time in the bustle. The small stuff really doesn’t matter on the grand scheme of things. After my initial indignation after going in my bag and finding my Passport missing, my thoughts went to the many people here in Doha and all over the world without passports. Coming from the UK and having had a smooth time whenever I’ve travelled with that little maroon book. I felt a sense of gratitude as I reflected on what it would be like if I could never have a passport again. If I was one of those people who was stuck in a country that they didn’t call home. The refugees of the world. The misplaced, mistreated, unseen people. Call me an enemy of the state, but I had a moment when I hoped that someone who had been trapped had found my passport or taken it and gained their freedom. If they had, the inconvenience and price it will cost me to replace it is worth it. While we wait for a world without borders that everyone can call their home, we can work towards one without the borders of humanity, compassion, kindness and Love. 

I’ve heard it said that travel is the one thing that you spend money on that makes you richer. The wealth might come from the exposure to a new culture, different languages, diverse people, stunning landscapes and awe inspiring treasure of sights, sounds and other sensory delights. But you also get richer from the realisation of just how small the world is in relation to the connections that exist between all people yet how big it is in relation to your size in it. We are all so small and so are many of our problems. It’s all a matter of perspective. 


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