Just over a month into my nomadic life, three locations in, I’m reflecting. For the last four weeks I’ve been staying at the Sapphire Plaza in Fereej Bin Mahmoud. In Arabic the word Fereej means neighbourhood and this one is great for having the real Doha experience with a bit of comfort. This area borders Al Saad. Between the two, there’s an even mix of the unfiltered and the more polished experience.

While I considered staying around here because I liked it so much, I’m moving on just for the practice of letting go and seeing what comes next. Who knows, maybe I’ll be back around here in the future. The blessings and lessons so far are:

Cold showers are not the one for fun! But they are great for mental clarity, humility and knowing when you really need a wash to be clean vs when you are just in the habit of doing it for comfort! Wipes are essential in a travel bag!

Buying groceries is certainly optional, so are fridges, cookers and all manner of stuff! You don’t need a kitchen to eat well or enjoy nice food. A fondue kit can fit in any travel bag. You don’t need to know where your next meal is coming from or what it will be. It’s great for the mind, body and soul to try new things, take a risk and even skip a meal or two. You’ll only enjoy the next one that little bit more for it.

If you ask a kid what kitchen equipment we really need, they will say one of these.

Bed bugs can be determined little fellows but they aren’t so keep on people who add tea tree oil to their body lotion!

It’s not only alright not to have a plan but also a great way to let go, have fun, learn on the journey and just be.

Getting lost in strange places is a way to explore your surroundings, make new brain connections, discover new places and learn that most people are not dangerous. That’s just on the news to keep us all too scared to go out a explore our world more. People will be different from us in many ways but in one thing we are all the same; we’re just trying to live our short lives in the best way possible.

Not much beats a starry night in Doha or anywhere else you are blessed enough to be able to enjoy it. They don’t cost as thing, like many of life’s real pleasures.

Kids can and will sleep anywhere that there is love. And snacks!

Less stuff means less housework and more time to work on yourself. Spring clean your mind, tidy up your character, organise the way you treat others and clean up your heart

Whether you are a moving around or putting down roots, enjoying the people in your life while you can is the only way to offset the pain you will feel when they are gone. Letting them know you appreciate them and they matter is more of a priority than many things we spend our time doing.


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