Healing from a major surgery since January, I prescribed myself an arts and culture tour as part of my rehabilitation. I’ve been touring the Doha arts circuit through curator led tours, lone, nomadic spiritual wanderings and group workshops. The arts and culture scene in Doha is well and truly alive in full color! From Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art to Katara, across to the Fire Station and back to the newly opened National Museum of Qatar, doing the art tour in Doha is now approaching the point where there is so much to see that you have to pick which to miss. As well as the major arts and culture stops there are also many underground exhibitions and events taking place all the time. There are exhibitions in hotels, libraries and international schools, Universities and some real hidden gems that elicit smiles when you stumble on them while having a coffee in places like West Bay or the Pearl. For arts and culture lovers, in Doha it’s is an exciting time to be here. For those who have never been to Qatar and might be wondering about the tiny Peninsula that managed to win the bid to host the 2022 World Cup and hasn’t looked back since, it’s time to pay a visit.

My Doha arts and culture tour helped to heal my body, kept my mind balanced and rekindled my own passion for everything arts and culture. Travel gives you the opportunity to visit great places but it also reminds you that the whole world is one big art project and we are all artists. Checking out everything arts and culture and connecting with new people in the process has given a creative boost to my own artistic practice and added a new creative twist to my work as an educator. Call it self-prescribed art therapy and follow along as I tour Doha through a new, nomadic artistic lens!


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